Sunday, March 19, 2017

Post-Stella Weekend

After this past week’s bout with snowstorm Stella, I understand why true-blue Mainers venture outside at every given opportunity. Stella just couldn’t keep these New Englanders down.
People and their pets taking in the seascape at Higgins Beach.
Yesterday’s sunny blue skies prompted me to grab my Canon camera and drive south to one of my favorite Maine spots. Cape Elizabeth and Higgins Beach.
Higgins Beach
A barn on Cape Elizabeth
For my friends in Texas and other parts of the Deep South, some of these photos prove that snow and sandy beaches do actually coexist. 
Higgins Beach
Next, I headed to the Western Promenade in Portland as the setting sun splashed rich colors across the city.
One of the many mansions along the Western Promenade in Portland.
The setting sun saturated the facade with jewel-toned hues.

A unique drinking fountain at the Western Promenade.

A withering rose left behind
on a park bench at the Western Promenade.
Please take a few moments to enjoy these snowy scenes. After all, the white stuff will be gone before you know it, with spring flowers in full bloom.

As always, here’s a portal to end this blog post. The fish cutout in the center of the screen door adds a unique touch, don't ya think?
Somewhere on Cape Elizabeth
Until next time….