Monday, October 20, 2014

Geese Spectacular on Columbus Day

A week ago, I took a day trip to Rangeley, Maine, where photographers and leaf-peepers can find the colors of autumn at their peak.

As I stood on an observation deck overlooking Rangeley Lake, the vibrant colors splattered everywhere just blew me away. The lake appeared as though someone scooped out a big chunk of earth, replaced it with a huge bowl of sparkling water, and painted the landscape with the rustic reds and golden yellows of fall. As an added bonus, it seemed as though that same person decided to put an island in the middle of the lake just because he could.

I took some pictures from my vantage point at the lookout. However, my camera's LCD screen revealed too much glare from the sun reflecting off the water. I hopped in my car and decided to explore nearby Saddleback Mountain instead. The ski resort at the top was void of colorful foliage, so I headed back down the mountain road.

As Rangeley Lake came into view again, a little pond on the left-hand side of the road caught my eye. A deserted parking lot nearby offered a place to pull over and park. After grabbing my camera bag, I snapped the zoom lens in place, got out of the car, and walked toward the pond. Once seated on the grass, I started clicking away at the gorgeous lake scene below.

I could hear a faint, unfamiliar noise in the distance as I continued taking pictures. The drone grew louder and sounded like it was approaching from behind. Now startled by the very intense whir, I looked over my shoulder. Geese were coming in for a landing on the pond, their honking as loud as the flapping of their wings.
There's no way I could have planned such an encounter in that place at that exact moment with the zoom lens already attached to my camera. Click. Click. Click. Not only did the Canadian geese put on a graceful show, but they landed in three waves, one right after the other.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed being awestruck in the midst of that avian landing. Only God could have orchestrated such a splendor for little old me.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Scenes in New England

I love autumn in Maine. It’s so beautiful in this part of the country. Below are scenes I photographed during my favorite time of year here in the northeast. 

These Clydesdales were a bit curious as I snapped this photo while touring the Budweiser stables.
Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack, New Hampshire.
(photo taken 10-4-2014)
St. Mary's Church in Augusta, Maine
(photo taken 10-5-2014)

A set of old tracks running alongside the Eastern Prom Trail in Portland, Maine.
(photo taken 10-6-2014)
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A vessel anchored at  Portland's Casco Bay. Viewed from a park on the Eastern Promenade.
(photo taken 10-6-2014)
Moon rising at dusk over the Kennebec River in Hallowell, Maine.
(photo taken 10-6-2014)
Day is done in Windsor, Maine.
(photo taken 10-10-2014)
City sign located south of downtown in Hallowell, Maine.
(photo taken 10-11-2014)
Early-morning haze on the Kennebec River in Hallowell.
(taken 10-11-2014)
Red foliage on a climbing vine in downtown Hallowell.
(taken 10-11-2014)