Monday, February 20, 2012

The Waddler and The Warrior

The waddler and the warrior—doesn’t that sound like the title of a movie or novel?

In reality those are the words I use to describe my sister's dogs.

Shiloh, the waddler, is an overweight Shih Tzu enjoying her golden years. The warrior, Buddy, is a one-and-half-year-old male whose black-button nose and chocolaty-brown eyes make my insides go mushy. I originally labeled him a prancer because he’s a lively pup that dances in circles when excited. However, I changed my mind about that description after witnessing his protective nature toward the female.

Only a pint-size specimen of a dog, Buddy would protect his elderly sidekick at any cost. Of this I am sure. His chivalry rivals any human warrior’s. I’ve seen him race to the edge of the property, warding off an unseen foe with his yapping. Satisfied that he has held the predator at bay, he struts back with a puffed-out chest to his companion to make sure she’s okay.

Shiloh probably thinks, “There’s no one out there, you dimwit,” but keeps her opinion to herself.
A rare glimpse of Shiloh's evil eye. She guards her "human" food from Buddy.

And although she’s not part of his canine lineage, she tolerates his rambunctiousness as only a mother could. Their unconditional love and loyalty are displayed to their humans as well. My heart is secure in knowing that my sister and young nieces have a watchdog with the attitude of a Doberman. I like to think his gallantry is a plumb line to measure bravery when facing my own fears.

However, I’ll forgo the strutting and leave that to Buddy.